Latest Crochet Projects

The Amen! of Nature is always a flower. Oliver Wendall Holmes

I love crocheting with fine thread and a size 5 steel crochet hook. Here are two of my recently completed projects.

A pretty flower bookmark...

I'm going to make more of these in various colors. I like the idea of turning something plain and ordinary... like a bookmark... into something special and pretty. The patterns for the flowers and the leaves came from an old crochet book that my mother bought decades ago. The blue flower is a Forget-Me-Not... and reminds me of her.

My most recent crocheted doily...

The design reminds me of the whirly toys I used to get as a child. You know... those pretty, shiny, whirly things on a stick that turn when you blow on them.

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jalynn01 said...

My mom used to crochet doilies but I never got into it. I love the idea of a hand made book mark..what a special gift to give. What a nice talent you have! I should have learned before my eyes started to go! haha


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