Cute Confections

My sister made these adorable Baby Bib Cookies and Baby Cupcakes for a friend's baby shower.

Don't you just love the tiny cut-out of the father? lol


jalynn01 said...

Hats off to your sister!! That is the most adorable creative thing I've ever seen. I may have to get the recipe on how to make them...just in case I ever need to. What are they in? a little doll house?

Lindy said...

Thanks, Jalynn. I thought they were pretty cute, too! I'll make sure my sister reads your comment. :)

If you do need the recipe, just email me at linneek@yahoo.com

They're made with fondant that she shaped into babies, blankets, and pillows. She decorated a piece of cardboard to look like a nursery and then stood it up on the serving table.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Those have to be THE cutest cookies ever! She would make a fortune in a mail order business, I'm sure!


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