Baby Afghan for Baby Luke

This baby afghan was for baby Luke, the son of my nephew David and his wife, Jeannie.
He was born in May 2008.


Sandy said...

Hi Lindy,
I happened upon your site somehow and wanted to stop and say hello.
I am in SC too.
The afghan is beautiful. You ahve a very nice site.
Have a wonderful day :)

Brin said...

Seriously, this is gorgeous! I so want to learn to crochet. (Right now I just chain and then make stuff up. It's embarrassing.) Maybe one day I could fly you out to Freeman House to teach me? :)

Lindy, your idea for the calendar was a stroke of brilliance. Truly. I can't thank you enough for the idea and would love to get your address to send you one come December...

My email is: brin[at]freemanhouse[dot]org. If you ever get a chance, I'd love to know where to send some thank-yous!

My thanks... and best.



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