Granny Square Pillow Cover

I completed my first pillow cover recently. I decided to crochet simple Granny Square motifs in one of my favorite color combinations... red, white, and robin egg blue.

I really enjoyed making this pillow cover, and hope to make more soon. I think I'll experiment a bit. Perhaps a floral pillow cover will be next!


Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Very pretty pillow and yes the colors look really well together. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

Have a nice weekend!

Lindy said...

Thanks, Erika! :)

Twocrafty said...

what lovely colour combo...i have yet to attempt a cushion im a bit nervous for some reason i dont know ...lol...and as for vintage patterns my stash is getting bigger and bigger thanks to eaby and charity shops ...and my mum who collects tons of patterns and has done for years ...must have got the bug from her lol...keep up the good work xxx

crealientje said...

beautifull pillow


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