A Good Reason to Never Build a House on a Cement Slab

Can you imagine having a pile of dirt like this... in your bedroom???

Look at this hole in the FLOOR!!! Yikes!!!

Just think... Johnny and Donald had to CRAWL IN THERE!!!

Just picture them... digging like little moles... hehe.

They actually had to dig a tunnel UNDER THE HOUSE!

Here's the new water line they put in.


jalynn01 said...

Yuk! I hope they fix it so that never happens again! I bet you can't wait for the clean up. Have a great day!

Lindy said...

Jalynn... this isn't actually our house.

My hubby and stepson-in-law are in the plumbing business... and these are pics of the one job they did.

Hubby said if we ever build a house in SC... it will definitely NOT be on a cement slab! lol


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