Victorian Charm Fingerless Gloves

I love these colors... pretty robin egg blue and cream. The flower is a "Forget-Me-Not," which was inspired by a vintage pattern. This is an original design, and after a year of procrastinating, I finally wrote the pattern down and it is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Here's some information about the pattern:

Pattern includes instructions for 3 sizes: Women's Large, Child, and Toddler. Sizes are approximate, and may be adjusted by experimenting with different sizes of yarn and crochet hooks to suit your individual sizing needs.

Stitches Used (American Terms):
Ch (chain)
Slst (slip stitch)
Sc (single crochet)
Hdc (half double crochet)
Dc (double crochet)

Pattern includes photos and large, easy-to-read font.

You may sell finished items you've made from this pattern. Please link back to my Etsy shop or blog if selling online or if you blog about your finished item. Thanks! :)


Vintage Afghans

"This whole galaxy of glowing stars is ready to shed its beauty on a room needing a lift in accent... Star Dust is luxurious to look at... to snuggle under. Its deep, rich colors come right from an artist's palette. Its wide fringe adds a note of finish and grace."
Crochet Afghan

"Jewel Tone"
"Monochromatic - its four shades of one color make it four times as smart... as lovely! Its style... its striking design make Jewel Tone decoratively right for modern rooms."
Knit Afghan with Crochet Border in SC

"Wind Mill"
"The crazy quilt of Grandma's day all made up for a streamlined divan. In any sort of room Wind Mill will bring a touch of the smart Americana decorators show. Squares crocheted in beige, scarlet, hunter green."
Crochet Afghan
"Mt. Vernon"
"Everyone loves the Mount Vernon - most made of any afghan. Make yours in colors that sing of our American traditions. Crocheted squares may be joined straight if you prefer."
Crochet Afghan

"Roman Stripe"
"Everyone knows that men love stripes... just observe his favorite ties! Here's a decorative addition for his study, room, car. Garter stitch squares alternating plain with striped."
Knit Afghan with Crochet Border in SC

"Queen Anne"
"Guest Blanket. What could say welcome more warmly or more beautifully! Be even more creative... make yours in the colors just right for your guest room."
Crochet Afghan

"It will stay at home and comfort you! It will be a gay and warming companion on a cruise by sea or car. Zigzag stitch."
Crochet Afghan

"American Beauty"
"Your friends will use nothing but superlatives to describe this beauty. Rich, ebony black is background for center and corners of riotous roses - natural enough to pick. It's a focal point in any room - however grand. And, what an 'heirloom' wedding gift it would make for someone special!"
Crochet Afghan

"Three colors in many squares! Make it very personally yours in the colors your room needs for a dash of warm accent. Plain squares worked in garter stitch alternated with squares of basket weave stitch."
Knit Afghan with Crochet Border in SC

"Sea Shell"

"It's a wave of softest delight... bringing the freshness of the summer sea shore into rooms all year. Shell pattern stitch panels are here worked in shades of brown, blue and yellow. You may have a treasured sea-shell with colors that you prefer."

Crochet Afghan


"Bonnie indeed and thrifty in everything save its extravagant good looks. A reversible crocheted beauty offers one side in plain navy and striped squares... the other side in plain navy and cherry squares. Perfect in the picture as an extra cover for a small - or not so small - boy's room."

Crochet Afghan

"Alma Mater"

"Once more we go masculine! Here's dash and a tailored air. Squares crocheted in stitch on stitch. Binding and initials in swagger brown felt. He'd love it for his college room with his fraternity letters too..."

Crochet Afghan

"Blue Sails"

"Your little wavelets drift to dreamland snug under Blue Sails Zephyr soft, warm as your caress. Un-embroidered squares are worked in smocked afghan stitch. Embroidered squares in plain afghan stitch."

Crochet Afghan

I love vintage crochet and knitting, and I'm so happy to be able to share photos of 13 vintage afghans from 1947! 10 of the afghans are crochet, and 3 are knit. And I love the quirky descriptions, too!


Cricut Cozies

"Royal Decree"

"Romantic Roses"

"Lovely Lavender"

"French Garden"

Hi, everyone! I have a surprise for you today, because this is not a post about crocheting. It's a post about my wonderful sister's gorgeous dust covers/cozies that she makes for Cricut machines.

If any of you like to do scrap booking, chances are you have a Cricut. And, let's face it... those machines are not that easy on the eyes! So why not cover them up with a cheerful and pretty cozy?

These cozies are quilted and they fit like a glove. She makes cozies for Expression, Cake, Create/Personal Cutter, Cuttlebug, Jukebox, Gypsies, and cord bags. And she also takes orders for custom cozies if there is a particular color or print that you would like. And these would make great Christmas presents for your favorite crafter!

For more information and photos of more cozies, please check out her Etsy site and her blog:



Have a great day... and happy scrapping and card making to all of you crafters who have Cricut machines!


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