Ice Cream Sundae Afghan

I finished my latest crochet project today...

A blanket for a baby girl...
Or a sweet little lady.

The colors remind me of an ice-cream sundae...
Sweet shades of cherry, mint, blueberry...
Vanilla cream and chocolate brown.

I love traditional Granny Square afghans...
But I decided the first round should be a pinwheel...
And I finished the afghan off with a scalloped edge.

Available for purchase at my Etsy shop. :)


I Love Cupcakes!

Yum! I love cupcakes!

Especially calorie-free ones!

And this calorie-free cupcake scarf is a custom order from my Etsy Shop.

It's just like the one below... only instead of pink "icing,"
it was requested that I "frost" these cupcakes with aqua "icing."

Mmmm... cupcakes!

I don't care what color the "icing" is...
or whether they're crocheted or baked from scratch...
I love them all! hehe


Valentine's Day Crochet

I've been crocheting up a storm for Valentine's Day...
pretty crochet heart and rose appliques in pink, red, and white!

Crocheted with 100% Cotton Size 10 Crochet Thread, and available for purchase at my Etsy shoppe. :)


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